Our Focus

Innovative IP Network & Security Solutions 

We understand a highly available, high performance, reliable and cost effective network is critical to your business operations.

Our specialists are committed to delivering complete end to end IP solutions tailored for your business needs.

We will align our technology solutions to meet your company objectives across the architect, design, deployment and support lifecycles.

We will bring concepts into reality with particular attention to detail in network and security industry best practices to fulfil any business sector security policy framework.

Our ability to provide the best possible IP solutions within your budget is testament to our integrity while anticipating your business growth and development by providing scalable solutions.

Professional Services

Consulting Network Professional services 

Our network consultants will work closely with you to define an architecture solution that integrates new technologies into your existing environment. We ensure our proposals are aligned with your business priorities and objectives, present and future.

We can audit your existing infrastructure to identify areas of risks and determine the potential impact to your business while presenting recommendations on how to remediate these risks with highly available and secure solutions. We identify the required changes to your IT infrastructure to ensure the new service delivers the desired business results.

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What we offer :

Tel: 0333 577 0448

Resourcing Services

Irrespective of which project phase your currently in, whether its project initiation or project excution, we can provide the relevant technical expertise to get it over the line. Our engineers can provide expert technical knowledge of architecture, networking, and security to assist in the implementation and support of your IT projects.

Network Monitoring

A healthy network is critical to business success. With proactive alerting, network analytics, and real-time monitoring, we can identify anomalies changes as soon as they occur using automated discovery and impact analysis.

Being able to predict and troubleshoot behaviours of the network helps diagnose and prevent issues minimising business impact to critical services.

Network analytics can be used to forecast and plan capacity upgrade where required identifying application performance bottlenecks within the network.

Our Promise

Our key focus is to make sure we deliver customer aligned, efficient, forward thinking designs to help you business grow.

The Value of

Network performance, Security and Functionality

JAK Networks help reduce the operational and maintenance costs while ensuring seamless integration with new technologies.

Our network consultants will work closely with you to define an architecture solution that integrates new technologies into your existing environment.


0333 577 0448



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J&AK Networks Limited (Registered number 09701697) is registered in England and Wales based at registered office 17 Vicarage Close, Oxford, OX44PL

VAT Registration No. 218740605

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Securing your network devices

Securing your network devices should be carried out methodically by addressing issues within various categories. These should be classified across Administration, Maintenance, Authentication, Best Practice and Security areas. Appropriate actions should be taken once the vulnerabilities within these areas have been identified.

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